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Day 47- Show Day, Ferry Ride to Ireland, Oxegen Festival, Ireland

6 or 7 or 8 am. Eyes burn, nauseous boat dull rumble sway. Good news is the ferry is much nicer than the last time I went top side. I can't remember exactly what year that was but maybe 4 years or maybe 6?

**** Roadie Research Notes ****

Here you can observe a multitude of roadies clustering in the travel position. Roadie are know to enjoy waking up early for boat rides. Clearly these Roadies are involved in some sort of celebration ritual involving festivities.

Also notice that in the background there is a TeeVee, much to these Roadies delight.

**** End Roadie Research Notes ****

Ferry Riding Rule #7 - Never get off the bus when riding a Ferry in the wee hours of the morning on a show day.

Exception - If significant amounts of water gets inside the boat, promptly exit the bus, find the ferry exit and swim hastily in an upwards direction.

Here we can the front of the boat at a less than optimum angle opening as we head to dock so the cars and busses can escape the belly. There are other doors that keep the water from getting in. I feel much happiness that the doors are currently closed.

The colony of fans, often referred to as "Punters":

and some show pics: