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Day 64 - The Vanishing Day

I boarded a plane at noon on the 25th, I spend 12 hours on the plane and I land at 4pm on the 26th 28 hours later, and somewhere along the way I seem to have misplaced a good part of the day and now somehow now I reside in tomorrow.

Coffee time:

And being in the future has some benefits as well. Here you can see that I am making a dent in the 'being gouged for internet' issue. Thanks to a belated birthday gift from the Rat family, I now travel with a long range, high power, Wi-Fi antenna. I would like to thank the kind souls whom leave their networks unlocked as I do at home:

Since Japan is on a completely separate cell network that is incompatible with the rest of the planet earth, I rented a phone at the airport for the hefty sum of $5 a day. Normally I do not have a camera phone but since I have one now, I may as well use it and off to 7-11 to grab some essentials. Hmmmm, look, a useful bottle of ice:


and of course Sake:

with the self heating Sake can being the drink of choice. You press on the bottom of the can and it activates a heater element that warms it up.

David Ratti-son